International Conference

The Unity of a Person

Ontology – Subjectivity – Normativity

Munich, 25.-27. April, 2019

The Conference will discuss Eric T. Olson’s thesis that “no account of our identity has yet been proposed that guarantees […] the coincidence of what is important in our identity with the actual conditions of our identity”. The conference aims at building a conception of a person that is both ontologically and ethically coherent by raising the following questions:

  • What kind of ontological basis (substances, lives, processes) does most justice to the normative dimension of a person?
  • How are ontological, subjective and normative dimensions interwoven in the concept of a person?
  • Does subjectivity meet the requirements of the conception of a person?
  • How can we understand the intersubjective and normative reality of persons that can be called a “person space”?

Confirmed Speakers

Anna Marmodoro (Durham)
Marya Schechtman (Chicago)
Katja Crone (Dortmund)
Eric T. Olson (Sheffield)
Harold Noonan (Cambridge)
Paul Snowdon (London)
Erasmus Mayr (Erlangen)
Thomas Buchheim (München)
Godehard Brüntrup (München)
Johannes Hübner (Halle)
Anne Sophie Meincke (Exeter)
Martina Schmidhuber (Erlangen)
Georg Gasser (München/Innsbruck)
Daniel Wehinger (Innsbruck)
Ludwig Jaskolla (München)
Jörg Noller (München)